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Affiliate Program Rules

So as not to bother you with reading a long agreement initially briefly about the affiliate program
What are we doing ?
Sale – branded items from Italy online with delivery in Italy and the world (at the bottom of the main page there is a section where we deliver and the cost) shoes, bags, glasses, clothes and much more. The cost is lower than Italian retail, product updates 1-2 times a week …
Permanent discounts.
The main condition of the partnership is the presence of VAT- TAX or entrepreneurial activity outside the European Union. (We discuss details)

The essence of the partner program is simple.
You register on our website and, becoming a partner, get your personal account in which you have your partner link.
By giving it to customers and posting on social networks and in case of a successful purchase, you get from 8% to 20% of the order on an ongoing basis, even with repeated purchases of the client, because he is attached to your link.
All transitions, purchases and reward amounts are visible in your account.
Those who post their link on their website will also give 20% of each purchase.
To do this, write to the site’s email with a link to your site.

We settle with you for the previous month until the 10th day of the next one, having received an invoice or an electronic invoice for the amount of remuneration from you.

More about the affiliate program

  1. Whom do we accept as Partners

    1.1. Only residents who are VAT payers or are engaged in entrepreneurial activities can participate in the Affiliate Program of the online store.

    1.2. In the Affiliate program of the online store, Internet resources that contain pornographic information cannot participate; propagandize violence; racial, gender, religious and other forms of inequality; activities directly prohibited by the laws of the countries of the world; violate the legislation on the rights to the results of intellectual activity.

    1.3. Owners of websites of any nature, owners and participants of blogs, forums, LiveJournal accounts, etc., whose content does not contradict the laws of the countries of the world (violence, pornography, race discrimination, etc.), can participate in the Affiliate Program of the online store. gender, religion, nationality, or age, illegal activity) that have passed the registration procedure.

    1.4. A Partner may be excluded from the Affiliate Program if, in the course of his work or the work of his website, he ceases to meet the requirements specified in these Rules, if there is no access to the Partner’s website for a long time, or the address offered by the partner for communication does not function. If a partner is excluded from the Affiliate Program, his partner account is deleted.
    1.5. A partner can be reinstated in the Affiliate program if he brings his site in accordance with the requirements of the Affiliate program of the online store
  2. How to become our partner

    2.1. To become a member of the Affiliate Program of the online store, you must complete the registration procedure by agreeing to these Rules.

    Then you need to fill in your Personal data, providing the administration of the online store if it will be necessary to have electronic copies of a personal document (upon request) or a copy of a certificate of individual entrepreneurship or a VAT payer.

    After the term has given you an understanding that you are interested in our program, we conclude an official agreement on mutual partnership, additional to these rules and agreements.
  3. Rights and obligations of the Partner

    3.1. Place links on an Internet resource or a Partner, hyperlinks, banners or search forms (either in combination or separately), to present products

    3.2. The Partner is obliged to post Affiliate Links only in the form presented in the Partner’s Cabinet (for registered Partners).

    If the Partner wishes to change the type of the link or its graphic image, it is necessary to obtain written consent from the Partner Program manager – or if this is provided programmatically on our resource without notice.

    3.3. The Partner undertakes not to use Affiliate links through: pop-ups, exit-consoles, 404 pages, unauthorized mailings (SPAM) and other types of electronic advertising that do not require the direct participation of the visitor.

    3.4. The partner undertakes to take measures to attract customers and provide them with the opportunity to place orders for goods and services in the online store

    3.5. A partner can use any materials from the Brandbutic online store (products, genres, information about promotions, news, contests) with a mandatory link to the page containing the relevant information, modified for his referral link

    3.6. A partner within the framework of the affiliate program undertakes to post only current product offers on the Internet or on his website.

    3.7. In case of expiration or early termination of the Agreement, stop posting all information related to within 3 (three) calendar days.

    3.8. The partner undertakes not to use coupons and promotions that are not intended for the affiliate program and are not publicly available on the website.
  4. Rights and obligations of the online store

    4.1. Online store undertakes to fulfill the orders of the Clients attracted by the Partner in the same way as the orders of other Clients.

    4.2. The online store undertakes to provide the procedure for placing an order, receiving payment for the order, fulfilling the order, canceling the order by the Client, returning and exchanging goods of inadequate quality, and supporting other procedures.

    4.3. The online store undertakes to ensure control over the fulfillment of the orders of the Clients attracted by the Partner of the online store and the accrual of the remuneration due to the Partner.

    4.4. To pay the Partner remuneration in the manner and in the amount provided for in the Clauses “Partner remuneration” and “Payments” of these Rules.

    4.5. The online store has the right to refuse a participant when registering without giving any reason.

  5. Placement of advertising materials

    5.1. As advertising materials, the Partner is provided (and supplemented in the process of development):
    5.1.1. referral links
    5.1.2. Banners (under construction)
    5.1.3. Additional product photos
    5.2. Affiliate links can be of three types:
    5.2.1. Direct and partner-generated links to the products of the online store
    chosen at the discretion of the Parnter
    5.2.2. General link to the main page of the store
    5.2.3 Friendly link (in development)
    5.2.4 We are developing additional bonuses and rewards for successful promotion by partners.
    5.3. Prohibited:
    5.3.2. Cloaking
    5.3.4. Adult traffic
    5.3.5. SPAM
    And other things that the legislation of the countries of the world does not accept
  6. Affiliate reward

    6.1. Affiliate remuneration is accrued to the Affiliate as a percentage of the value of the order made and paid by the Client from 6 to 20%. and in case of seasonality or unforeseen circumstances, it can be corrected after notifying the Affiliate and his consent.
    6.2. If the Client “came” to the online store from an affiliate link or Affiliate website that does not contain a partner identifier, and made a purchase, the affiliate reward is not recorded and not charged.
    6.5. Affiliate reward is charged for orders made by the client after clicking on the affiliate link or the Affiliate’s website and during the entire duration of the cookie
  7. Payouts
    7.1. Affiliate commission within the framework of the affiliate program is credited to the Partner only for orders paid and delivered to the Client. Commissions and bonuses are charged and paid in euros. Affiliate commission is not calculated on the cost of packaging, delivery, shipping, and other additional charges to the cost of the order.
    7.2. The affiliate commission within the affiliate program is calculated on the basis of Affiliate reports provided by the online store in the partner’s office and in electronic form on orders.
    7.3. Payment for services performed is made within the first 10 days of each month for the previous month and in case of successful cooperation every 20 days. In case of delays in payments.
    The online store undertakes to notify the Partner in advance by means of the e-mail specified
    by the Partner during Registration. Applications for payments are accepted from the 1st day of the month following the reporting one.
    The paid remuneration for the goods is retained in case of its return by the client.

    7.4. The minimum amount of the Affiliate Commission paid to the Affiliate is 50 euros.

    7.5. Payments are made by transferring the commission to the Partner’s Current Account or PayPal according to the partner’s selected option.
    I also discuss other official payment methods to the partner’s card

    7.6 Also, partners can spend their remuneration in our store by requesting an additional discount of up to 25%
  8. Personal information

    8.1. We do not want the personal data of Partners and Clients to be available to third parties. Therefore, within the framework of the Affiliate Program:
    8.1.1. We collect and store only personal data that is necessary for the execution of agreements and contracts with Partners and Clients
    8.1.2. We only use personal information for the following purposes: Party identification Providing the Partner with access to the section “Affiliate Program” on the website Communication with the Partner Improving the quality of the Affiliate Program
    8.1.3. We do not install third-party system counter codes on the site, except for Yandex.Metrica and Google Analytics codes
    8.2. By agreeing to the rules, you agree to receive newsletters from the affiliate program.
    8.3. You agree to our right to amend the agreement and the right to add new features of the partner program for a joint successful business.
    8.4. You agree that Buyers placing orders through partners are considered our buyers and are subject to the rules of our store. The shop rules are subject to change by us without prior notice.
    8.5. Disagreements

Whom do we accept as Partners

In the event of a disagreement, the parties will seek to resolve the disagreement through negotiations.

If the parties do not come to an agreement, then the dispute is subject to consideration in the courts of Bulgaria or Italy at the choice of the partner.
For any questions that arise, write to: and
refer to all channels available on the website

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